Impotent Warriors Susie Kilshaw

ISBN: 9781282627420

Published: January 1st 2008


266 pages


Impotent Warriors  by  Susie Kilshaw

Impotent Warriors by Susie Kilshaw
January 1st 2008 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 266 pages | ISBN: 9781282627420 | 5.73 Mb

From September 1990 to June 1991, the UK deployed 53,462 military personnel in the Gulf War. After the end of the conflict anecdotal reports of various disorders affecting troops who fought in the Gulf began to surface. This mysterious illness was given the name Gulf War Syndrome (GWS). This book is an investigation into this recently emergent illness, particularly relevant given ongoing UK deployments to Iraq, describing how the illness became a potent symbol for a plethora of issues, anxieties, and concerns. At present, the debate about GWS is polarized along two lines: there are those who think it is a unique, organic condition caused by Gulf War toxins and those who argue that it is probably a psychological condition that can be seen as part of a larger group of illnesses.

Using the methods and perspective of anthropology, with its focus on nuances and subtleties, the author provides a new approach to understanding GWS, one that makes sense of the cultural circumstances, specific and general, which gave rise to the illness.

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