Herbs from Native American Medicine Frann Leach


Published: February 6th 2013

Kindle Edition

109 pages


Herbs from Native American Medicine  by  Frann Leach

Herbs from Native American Medicine by Frann Leach
February 6th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 109 pages | ISBN: | 6.15 Mb

When the Founding Fathers landed on the shores of the New World, they may have had some medical supplies with them, but most of the plants they found in their new home were completely different to the ones they were used to. Perhaps they had the foresight to bring seeds for familiar simples with them, but the conditions in this strange new land were totally different and they had enough trouble finding food, without having to cosset alien plants in a strange new environment.Its often recounted how native Americans helped them to survive, providing food and medicine when all seemed lost.

Even today, many tribes keep to the old traditions, using herb lore and methods handed down the generations.Although there is some secrecy surrounding native American medicine, enough is known about some of the herbs they used to make this book possible.Included in Herbs from Native American Medicine are details about 30 different herbs (38 if you count all the different species of wild buckwheat), complete with information on how to grow, collect and prepare your remedies, and which parts of which plant to use to treat which ailments.Whats in this book:Native American remediesWhy organic growing methods are importantSafety firstRemedies in this book which can be used during pregnancyDetails for the following herbs: ragleaf bahia, Fendlers bladderpod, wild buckwheat, creosote bush, Eastern skunk cabbage, catnip, black Western chokecherry, Devils club, black cohosh, blue cohosh, cotton, dogbane, gentian, stiff goldenrod, goldenseal, trumpet honeysuckle, hops, American licorice, milkweed, American mistletoe, partridgeberry, persimmon, pokeweed, white sage, broom snakeweed, stoneseed, smooth upland sumac, yellow spined thistle, tobacco and yellowrootAlphabetical Index of Remedies

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